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360 Thermal Horizons is an  innovative aerial thermal imaging company specializing in aerial inspections, progress tracking and aerial marketing across various industries. Our advanced drone services are solutions to many businesses across Ontario.

Our company was founded on the principle that quality service means going above and beyond in all aspects of our projects. We are committed to superior customer service and believe that focusing on the smallest details make the biggest difference.

Although we are based in Toronto, our commercial drone services are available all across Ontario.

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Integrated Radiometric FLIR® Thermal Sensor

DJI AirSense technology

Enhanced Flight Autonomy

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‘360 Thermal Horizons provides thermal imaging services for my commercial roof bi-annual inspections. They supply a comprehensive report with both thermal and high-resolution pictures that assists in our preventative maintenance program. Thermal imaging allows for a thorough inspection to detect potential issues before they become serious problems.’

-Brooks, Brampton

‘360 Thermal Horizons is a great added value service to our company when we are dealing with our commercial clients. They also help our residential clients feel at ease with pictures that assists in our quoting process in closing the larger jobs. Thermal imaging allows for a detailed inspection catching what even the most trained eye can miss.’

 -TCH Roofing, Bradford

‘360 Thermal Horizons provided thermal imaging for my roof and identified water damage below the shingles that was not otherwise visible without the thermal camera. Catching this before there was serious damage saved me significant repair costs.’

-Barton, Newmarket

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360 Thermal Horizons provides aerial thermal imaging and other commercial drone services for a variety of different industries. All of our drone pilots are insured and certified by Transport Canada. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

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