Aerial Thermal Imaging

Aerial themal imaging solutions for residential and commercial applications

Aerial thermal imaging is the latest drone technology that is making a big difference in a variety of industries that you may not even realize. Drone thermal imaging is helpful for many different residential and commercial uses and can be utilized in so many different applications.  As a result, aerial thermal imaging is one of the most effective solutions for surveillance, inspections, surveying and more.

What is Aerial Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging cameras translate thermal energy, which we recognize as heat, into a visible light that can be seen. This translation is needed in order to analyze a certain object – like a building or scene. The result is an image called a thermogram that shows the difference in temperatures of an area or surface. In other words, thermography technology is what takes drone footage and photos to a whole new level.

Although originally created for use by the military, there are now a variety of different ways we can use the technology of thermal imaging cameras. Drone thermal imaging companies like 360 Thermal Horizons are able to use aerial thermal imaging to increase safety and reduce costs.

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Popular Uses for Aerial Thermal Imaging for Residential and Commercial Applications

  • Wind Turbine Inspection - Drone thermal imaging is the only technology that can be used to efficiently inspect the intricate electrical components of transformers, connectors, and motors of wind turbines. This technology offers real data analytics that can improve the accuracy when inspecting the turbine parts.
  • Residential and Commercial Building Maintenance – Both residential and commercial property managers can benefit from the use of drone thermal imaging. Properties and buildings can be easily checked for issues like roof and building exterior problems.  The high-tech thermal drone imagery can give valuable insights that can save you a ton of cash.
  • Search & Rescue Operations – Aerial thermal imaging can be helpful in assisting firefighters in finding trapped victims and can also help them identify dangerous “hot spots” that they need to avoid for their safety.
  • Solar Panel Inspection - Aerial drone service solutions make it quick and easy to inspect large geographic areas for problems with solar panels. As a result, helping you determine if they should be repaired or replaced to remain efficient.
  • Agriculture Surveying – We use aerial thermal imaging technology to reveal agriculture issues such as irrigation problems, pest infestations, soil varieties, and more.
  • Home and Business Roof Inspection - Infrared drone services are an efficient and non-obtrusive way to visually inspect the roof of a home or business. Giving you an insight on its thermal performance. Saving the home or business owner thousands of dollars in the long run.
  • Tower Inspection – Drone thermal imaging is an invaluable tool for tower inspections. Not only does it offer a safer way to inspect these massive towers but using thermal drone imaging greatly reduces man hours and operating costs.

…and more!

What Can a Drone Thermal Imaging Company Do for You and Your Business?

Above all, our team at 360 Thermal Horizons specialize in thermal imaging and media by aerial drones.

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