Agriculture Surveying

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Thermographic surveying company 360 Thermal Horizons recognizes that farming and the agricultural sector remain an essential part of our global necessities. Furthermore, the need for continued growth and advancement of agricultural technology is crucial for farms to be competitive and run efficiently.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for drone services in the agricultural industry. Helping ensure that these businesses can stay on top of their game in a tough market. Agricultural drone services from thermographic surveying company 360 Thermal Horizons is a great solution for this dilemma.

Agriculture Surveying

Advanced Drone Services from thermographic surveying company 360 Thermal Horizons

The goal of farmers and other growers in the agriculture industry is to maximize the production of their land while keeping operating costs as low as possible.

With fluctuating conditions like weather patterns, land movement can be difficult. Agricultural drone services from 360 Thermal Horizons incorporates a high-tech management concept. We utilize the latest technology to understand and control these variables to help reduce the environmental impact of farming.

Drones offer many benefits for the agriculture and farming industry. By providing high quality images, invaluable data, and never before accessible information - we're able to make the lives of farmers alot easier.

Professional agricultural drone services from 360 Thermal Horizons offers our clients high-quality data on crops, vineyards, livestock and more. We use cutting-edge drones with high resolution thermal cameras and sensors for the best views. 360 Thermal Horizons in Ontario can help those in the farming and agricultural industry in a variety of different ways.

How Agricultural Drone Services Can Help Your Farming and Agricultural Business

  • Agricultural and Vineyard Inspections – Aerial thermographic surveying can be used by farmers to analyze the health of their crops so that they can improve the quality of their harvests.
  • Soil and Field Analysis – To help better direct seed planting, the use of drones is phenomenal. It offers precise maps for correct soil analysis at the beginning of the planting season. Data can be used after planting to assist with irrigation and nitrogen level management.
  • Crop Monitoring – Crop monitoring is a huge issue for the agricultural industry. Due to the huge scale and unstable weather conditions faced in industrial farming, the maintenance costs and risks are excruciating. Drones give growers real-time monitoring advantages that are way more accurate and much more cost-effective than the outdated satellite imagery technology previously used.
  • Irrigation – Once the crops are planted and growing, drones with thermal sensors can indicate the areas that may need changes to their irrigation patterns. These high-tech cameras can calculate the vegetation index, which is a true indicator of the health of the crops, by measuring the heat signature.
  • Health Assessment – Our aerial surveying company uses visible and infrared (IR) light so that our drones can identify which plants may be infected with a harmful bacteria or fungus. This is extremely helpful for growers so that they can prevent the disease from spreading to other crops. Multispectral images allow us to detect warning signs of crop disease before it can be seen by the human eye.
thermographic surveying company

Professional thermographic surveying company from Ontario - 360 Thermal Horizons

Aerial drone photography services from 360 Thermal Horizons in Ontario help those in the agriculture and farming industry utilize precision agriculture techniques to better manage crops as well as livestock.

The real time feedback on the soil condition, topography of the land, plant information, and more via photos and video data, allow those in the industry to analyze large areas of land and quickly decide what areas need attention.

Benefits of Aerial Drone Photography for Growers

Thermographic surveying and aerial drone photography services help farmers better manage their land and crops. Drone video and photos are extremely effective, offering farmers a resource for better decision making.

  • Increase Crop Yields
  • Better Manage Irrigation Efforts
  • Topographical, Thermal and Spectral Mapping of Land
  • Quickly Identify Crop disease and Poor Irrigation Issues
  • Efficient Soil and Field Analysis
  • More Efficient Planting

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Ontario’s premiere aerial surveying company, 360 Thermal Horizons, offers professional agricultural drone services that can help farmers in a variety of ways. Our experienced team specializes in thermal imaging and media by aerial drones for property surveillance and inspection for agricultural solutions.

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