Tower Inspection

Professional and Affordable Drone Tower Inspection Services

To operate and function, towers must be in the best working condition possible at all times. Drone tower inspection services are the safest and most cost-efficient way to make sure communication towers stay reliable.

The Importance of Communication Tower Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is crucial to ensure that everything is working as efficiently as possible. In other words, tower inspections are needed to recognize minor maintenance items now, so that they do not escalate into costly issues later. In order to do this, a preliminary survey must be performed. This allows us to analyze exactly what work needs to be done and where.

While traditional tower inspections should be performed on a routine basis, the work is costly, risky, and utterly inconvenient – especially with the massive height and difficult accessibility of the towers.

We use the latest in drone technology, helping you coordinate routine tower inspections in a safe and cost-efficient manner.

drone inspection checking radio tower

Cost-Effective Drone Tower Inspection Solutions

At 360 Thermal Horizons, we have a better solution for communication tower inspections in Ontario. We use specialized drones so we can perform a safe, precise, and accurate drone tower inspection. Drones offer you a unique aerial view that can discover much needed maintenance issues and repairs. Issues that may otherwise not have been recognized via outdated or traditional tower inspection techniques.

There are many advantages of drone tower inspections. It's clear that drones offer accurate data and media to help you assess tower repairs. Not only that, but the experts at 360 Thermal Horizons make it easy to schedule routine inspections to help determine if preventative maintenance is needed. By using drone tower inspection services from a professional tower inspection company, you get the perfect view, angle, photos, video, and perspective you need each and every time to efficiently manage your communication towers.

Why Experts Agree Drones Are Superior for Tower Inspections

The National Association of Tower Erectors not only supports but recommends the use of aerial drones for tower inspections. The combination of the safety and efficiency of drone tower inspections from a drone tower inspection company is a winning solution for many different types of businesses. Here are some of the main reasons aerial drone services are perfect for tower inspections.

drone tower inspection

Top 5 Reasons Drones are Better for Tower Inspections

  1. Safety – The less time you can have your people working on a tower – the better. Obviously, safety is a huge concern due to the overwhelming height of communication towers, so using a drone is a great solution for safety reasons alone.
  2. Accuracy and Real Time Data – Drone inspection services for towers provide accurate data and information in real time. Because of this, data and collected images can be used in combination with previous inspection data to indicate exactly where degradation may have happened since the previous tower inspection.
  3. Expenses - The cost that is associated with hiring and training a professional team to perform tower inspections is astronomical. Combine that with the man hours that are necessary to actually perform the inspection of communication towers - and the cost soars. The use of aerial drones for tower inspections offers a faster, safer, and more cost-effective solution for your organization. In effect, saving thousands of dollars each year.
  4. Time Saver – Quicker is better when it comes to tower inspections.  Particularly, drone tower inspections can save so much time for your organization! The efficiency of an aerial drone tower inspection far surpasses what a person can do, resulting in a better bottom line all around.
  5. Recognizes Hidden Hazards – Aerial drone inspections of towers can help recognize concerns that could pose a real hazard for workers. Things such as bird nests and beehives nestled in communication towers can create dangerous situations for workers. Hazards like these can be detected by drone services from a tower inspection company like 360 Thermal Horizons. Repairs can be made safely by tower technicians without the need for disturbance.

Professional Drone Tower Inspection in Ontario from 360 Thermal Horizons

Are you ready to save time, money, and stress when it comes to your communication tower inspections in Ontario? At 360 Thermal Horizons, we offer affordable drone tower inspection services to help your organization handle these important tower inspections more efficiently and safely than ever. Contact our experienced drone inspection team today to learn more.