Wind Turbine Inspection

Professional Wind Turbine Inspection Using State of the Art Drone Technology

Using wind as an energy source is only as reliable as the wind turbines you are counting on in your wind farm. It is imperative that your wind turbines are in good working order at all times. Since problems in wind turbines can often be difficult (and dangerous) to determine - inspections from a wind turbine drone inspection company like 360 Thermal Horizons is the best (and safest) solution for getting the important information you need.

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Drone Wind Turbine Inspections

Wind turbines are created from a combination of mechanical and electrical components, which by nature, are prone to overheating, cracking, and electrical faults. Drones that are equipped with thermal imaging allow professional drone operators to get a detailed view. This gives more accurate data to use for potential repairs and maintenance of wind turbines.

Perfect for all energy inspections, wind turbine inspection using drones is a safe and efficient alternative. The high-res thermal and optical zoom features and extended flight times offer more efficient wind turbine inspections than ever before.

Why Use a Professional Wind Turbine Drone Inspection Company like 360 Thermal Horizons?

The inspection of wind turbines can be a dangerous and time-consuming job. A mechanism failure or problem in the gearbox can not only damage the blades of the turbine but can also put human lives at risk.

Hiring an experienced company like 360 thermal Horizons, the premier drone thermal imaging company in Ontario who use aerial drones for wind turbine inspections, dramatically reduces the risk involved to those on the job as well as increases the efficiency at which the inspection is performed. In fact, the use of wind turbine drone inspection actually increased efficiency a whopping 50% - making the decision to hire a wind turbine inspection company a savvy and cost effective one.

Professional aerial drone services for inspecting wind turbines just makes sense! The team at 360 Thermal Horizons can cut your costs, dramatically eliminate risk to employees, and quickly identify the problem. Wind turbine drone inspection is quickly becoming the go-to resource for efficient, safe, and affordable way for energy companies to collect data and other information that is crucial for their business operations.

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Why Drones Are the Future of Wind Turbine Inspection in Ontario

The traditional inspection method for wind turbines was pretty basic for many decades. Technicians used inadequate tools to visually inspect turbines including ropes, binoculars, and high-def ground cameras with huge lenses. The inaccuracy, safety concerns, and costly hours of downtime simply was no longer a viable solution.

Currently, the best way to inspect wind turbines is to hire a commercial drone company like 360 Thermal Horizons. Our state-of-the-art drones offer a more efficient method to inspect the components of a wind turbine that are subject to failure. This new technology is the future of wind turbine inspections.

Frequent inspections of wind turbines for a large wind farm can be a hefty expendature. However, the cost is much lower than that of a mechanical failure. Here are some ways wind turbine drone inspection by an experienced wind turbine inspection company puts you in charge and helps your bottom line.

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Benefits of Ontario Wind Turbine Inspection from 360 Thermal Horizons

  • Drone flight paths can be preset so inspection flights can be flown on a regular basis. Enabling managers to gather trackable information for an entire year at a time.
  • Thermal imaging from drones can gather data on rotor blade by using thermal imaging. This offers an image of temperature, allowing the technicians to compare one turbine to another. Assessing defects, corrosion, or other damage that might be concealed.
  • Technicians can use drone gathered data to make educated decisions about what maintenance or repairs are needed. Reducing the need to physically access the turbines.
  • Aerial thermal imaging drones make quick inspection of turbine blades. Delivering high-definition photos and videos in mere minutes, versus hours or even days using traditional methods.
  • Safe and fast inspections with no need for a dangerous and time-consuming rope team that is typically needed for wind turbine inspections.

Our Professional Wind Turbine Inspection Company in Ontario Is Ready to Perform Your Aerial Inspection

Get a closer look at potential issues with your wind turbines using our state-of-the-art drone technology. Our skilled drone pilots provide high-quality images and videos, allowing you to assess the reports for your wind turbine inspections. Meanwhile, avoid the accidental risk and extraneous costs typically associated with wind turbine inspections.

Our professional team will assist you with your wind turbine drone inspection so that you can easily identify problems and troubleshoot issues. Let 360 Thermal Horizons determine the proper solutions to ensure your wind energy sources are operating at peak performance.

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